February 21, 2018

Learn How to Build, Market and Manage Your Own Amazon and Ecommerce Business

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How to create your own Amazon products and then expand with your own website, then sell on ebay, jet and other web stores

How to Build Your Marketing Funnel and follow up with your automatic email system.  Then use Facebook, Google and Youtube to drive unlimited traffic to your products

Learn how to squeeze another 10-20% in profits by better managing your business

A little about my background in ecommerce

When I opened my first business almost 30 years ago, I had no idea I was on a lifelong path of being a merchant.  All I can think of was the hard work and mistakes I made in the very beginning.

But through persistence and diligence I overcame my mistakes to start, build and sell six different businesses, selling millions and millions of dollars of physical products on and offline along the way.

Its with this knowledge and experience that I have created and systematized my own Amazon and Ecommerce business.

Amazon and ecommerce are still growing at an amazing pace.  One in ten purchases are now made online and by 2020 that number is predicted to be two in ten.

The even better news is that the market is far from being filled. For people who act now and stake their claim to ecommerce product niches, passive income profits will be available for years to come.

The eschool360 is comprehensive ecommerce training that is designed to show you how to achieve consistent passive income. It teaches you step by step how to sell your products on Amazon, your own web store and other websites using my experience and physical products sales process that’s almost 30 years in the making

I live in Charlotte, NC where I spend my time teaching about ecommerce and producing the popular podcast, "The Private Label Report"  I host an annual event called Private Label Live in Orlando and take buyers to China where I host Private Label Canton

Ecommerce is Evolving...We Must Adapt

The Old Strategy....Just Sell on Amazon
The New Strategy....Start on Amazon, then expand to Other Websites

Technology and demand have finally improved enough
to make selling on other websites profitable

If you're not selling on your own website and other webstores you're missing out

Today's Successful Ecommerce Business has Just 5 Steps

Creating a Product
List the product on Amazon/Your Own Website/Other Web Stores
Set Up a Marketing Funnel
Connect email software for email follow up
and Sending Paid Targeted Traffic to your Funnel

You Need to Know How to Do All 5 or You'll be Left Behind

Find and Select Products:

Alibaba is not the only game in town...
Are you looking for products at other sources

Are you building a brand, not just products
You should consider custom making your products

Would you like to outsource the whole process
But more importantly are you automating the process

Wouldn't it be nice to never have to touch the inventory or deal with customers, so you can live the laptop lifestyle and run your business from anywhere

Building Marketing Funnels

Are you using lead generation funnels so you'll always have a steady steam of new customers

Are you sending out automatic emails that turns your leads into customers

Are you building massive email lists so you can remarket over and over at almost no cost

Are you sending out beautiful product photo emails on a regular basis as sales promotions

Drive Outside Facebook, Google and Youtube Traffic to your products

Are you laser targeting your ads so you only promote to people who are interested
Are your ads dull or exciting ads that convert
Are your ad costs as low as you think they should be
Are you using retargeting to decrease your costs and improve your sales
Are you using the best strategies to run your ads?

Manage Your Business for More Efficiency and Increased Profits

Numbers are the language of business

Do your numbers exceed established standards

What numbers are you tracking

Are they the right ones

Are you keeping up with your inventory value

Your cash flow

Is your P & L up to date


Like to Be Able to Master All of These Things?

Introducing  ESCHOOL360 - Complete Ecommerce Training

How to Sell on Amazon and Other Websites
and also Create and Sell from Your Own Website

Eschool360 is like 9 courses in 1

Everything you need is included-Products, Marketing, Management
= Its Like 9 Courses in 1 =

Eschool360 is perfect for a beginner who wants to
learn how to sell on Amazon and sell on other sites later
Someone who is already selling on Amazon and is ready to expand now

All modules are digital and online so you will have instant access

Module 1
Getting Started the Right Way

  • 1

    Ecommerce Playbook

    My complete plan on how to start, build and grow your entire ecommerce business

  • 2

    Specific Strategies

    Specific strategies whether you want to only sell on amazon or build your ecommerce empire by selling on your own website or sites like ebay and jet.

  • 3

    Different Ways to Do ecommerce

    I cover my favorite, Private Labeling, but also touch on Drop Shipping, Arbitrage so you can decide which is best for you

  • 4


    This is a concern for most people. I break it down and make it easy to follow as I discuss how to know if an item has a patent If and when you need a trademark and should you incorporate your business as an LLC

  • 5

    Raising Capital

    Starting an ecommerce business is one the least expensive businesses you can start, but I share ways to help you raise money to start or grow your business

Module 2
Selling on Amazon

  • 1

    Starting with Amazon - Picking Markets and Products

    There are thousands of markets and products still available. I show you how to find them. I cover advanced keyword research and provide my "Go or No Go Product Checklist"

  • 2

    Finding and Negotiating with Suppliers

    There are many ways to find suppliers. I will show you what to look for and some of the lesser known ways to uncover the best ones. I'll go over ways to create packaging that increases your sales. I go over air and sea freight and show you how to get the item to Amazon without ever touching your items.

  • 3

    Getting Sales

    Step by Step how to set up your Amazon account and list your products. How to tell a story with your pictures and copywriting to increase your sales. I'll talk about initial product launch strategies to help get your items to the first page. Then I'll conclude this module with a thorough tutorial on Amazon PPC

  • 4

    Amazon Admin

    I know its not exciting, but important. I'll show you how to get the most out of the Amazon dashboard, including things like creating coupons and managing and tracking your inventory and what to track so you can increase your business by another 10-20%

Module 3
Expanding Your Business

  • 1

    Creating Your Own Website with Shopify

    Choosing Shopify to set up your web store. Step by step instructions on how to set up your store including payment systems. What theme to use and even what apps are worthwhile. Even how to send out your inventory so you never have to touch your items

  • 2

    Selling on Ebay

    Ebay isn't just for old, used items. I show you how to set up and sell your items on ebay and have them fulfilled without you ever having to touch them

  • 3

    Selling on Jet.com

    Jet.com is owned by Walmart and a growing ecommerce platform. I show you how to get listed and sell here

  • 4


    Did you know you can have your products listed on Walmart.com I show you the process to get your products listed and sold on this retail giant.

  • 5


    Etsy is the largest web store for handmade items. However they sell many other products as well. I'll help you decide if the marketplace is right for you.

Module 4
Your Marketing Arsenal

  • 1

    Everything you need on Marketing Funnels

    How to set up a marketing funnel system that will drive more sales from outside traffic to your products and improve your listings, increase your reviews and build a large customer base so you can grow and scale your business.
    How to Set up an Amazon Funnel
    How to Set up an Ecommerce and Shopify Funnel
    Upsells, Downsells
    How to Set Up specific funnels like
    *The Launch Funnel
    *The Also Bought with Funnel
    *The Contest Funnel
    *The Page 2 to page 1 funnel and more

  • 2

    How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Your Sales by as much as 50%

    Choosing the best email provider for your business
    Connecting your email to your landing page to collect leads
    Creating automatic email follow up sequences that convert leads into buyers
    Segmenting your lists to laser target
    Creating visually stunning product emails that increase sales

  • 3

    Free Traffic

    How to create consistent free traffic and where to find it

  • 4

    Facebook Traffic

    How to Find and target your audience
    (Audience Insights)(Interest and Demo targeting)
    How to Set up and Run your ads
    (campaigns, ad sets, ads)(Newsfeed or Mobile)(CTR)
    Creating your first ads
    Creating custom audiences
    Creating look a like audiences
    Creating your advanced ads (retargeting ads)
    Messenger Ads
    When to use Image ads, when to use video ads
    Tools to use to create your ad artwork
    Create converting ad copy
    Ad Budgets
    Optimizing Your Results
    How to Make your ads better(Split Testing)
    Scaling Up your ads

  • 5

    Google Ads

    Setting up your account step by step
    All of the things you can do like:
    Search ads
    Shopping ads
    Display ads
    Retargeting ads

  • 6

    Youtube Ads

    Setting up your account step by step
    All of the things you can do like:
    Product Videos
    Search ads
    Shopping ads
    Retargeting ads

Module 5
Next Steps

  • 1


    I'll show you the software I use to manage and grow my business

  • 2


    How and where to profitable and efficiently outsource any task you have

  • 3

    Attending the Canton Fair

    The Canton Fair is the world's largest private label market place. I have gone to the fair twice year for the last 3 years. I show you how to navigate the fair, find products and get better pricing

  • 4

    Selling at Trade Shows

    Theres no reason you couldn't make a few thousand dollars at a weekend trade show. I have done dozens of these over the years and I will show you how to find them, how to set up and what to expect as you learn how to make this an extra profit generator

  • 5

    Selling Wholesale

    Everything you need to know to set up and sell your items in large volumes

  • 6

    Selling Your Business

    I have sold 6 different businesses. Its always a great option to have. I will show you how to make your business worth up to 2 1/2 times your annual earnings and how and where to sell.


Bonus 1
Huge Discounts on Product Photography

You can take your own pictures with your smart phone if you wish.  But if you prefer I provide discounted links to access to my personal photographer

Bonus 2
Access to my personal network of people and resources

No need to find your own sources.  I share my complete network and resources that took me years to build.

Access to proven, reliable people I use for package design, shipping, legal and about anything else you would need

Bonus 3
Admission to My Private Facebook Group of ecom Sellers

My course only private community.  The perfect place to ask questions and get help or simply hang out and build your network with other like minded ecommerce sellers

Bonus 4
Ongoing Course Updates

I will update existing content in the course as necessary

So as ecommerce and technology evolve, so will the content

Bonus 5  "Coming Soon"
My own personal custom shopify theme

This theme cost more me more to than double the amount of this course to create!  It is far superior to the off the shelf themes that are available

It's designed for high conversion and has drop and drag flexibility.  This theme will serve for years to come.

Bonus 6
My 3 Favorite Checklists

Go or No Go Product Checklist
60 Days to Success Checklist
My Top 10 Best Shopify Apps


You don't have to be in the United States to sell online.  Many of my students are from Canada or Australia.  Many are from Europe and sell there or in the US or both.

Actually people from over 40 different countries have taken my course training and sell their products from all over the world



Get the FULL COURSE and RECEIVE 1 on 1 Mentoring for 12 Months

The 5 Star program includes the complete eschool360 course as well as 1 on 1 mentoring and coaching with me.

The 5 star 1 on 1 mentoring is a structured and progressive program is for people who want use my almost 30 years of experience of retail, private labeling, ecommerce and coaching to leapfrog their competition

We will talk regularly on the phone or Skype over a 1 year period from when you join.

I will not only share my knowledge and help you any way I can, but hold you accountable for your actions.   Encourage you when you hit roadblocks and cheer you on when you’re on the right path.

I will help you evaluate and validate the products and markets you have chosen. Provide you ideas to help you better find and evaluate your suppliers. Help you pick keywords or suggest ideas for better copy writing.

I will evaluate your product listings and show you how to drive outside traffic to your products.

I will personalize the mentoring to whatever you need or want. So whether you’re brand new or an expert I can tailor a plan that will suit you.

But please realize, my role is to help and advise. I won’t pick products or find suppliers for you. I won’t do your work for you or make decisions for you....That’s your role.

We will meet at regularly scheduled times for 30 minutes, 3 times a month for 6 months for 18 total sessions. There are 2 more sessions that you can use any time in the next 6 months as questions arise.

In each session there will be time to review your previous progress and go over your next steps as well as go over any ideas that are discussed

Please note all sessions will be during US eastern time zone (New York time) M - F, hours of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm only - All sessions will be in English.

I back up my work with a FULL GUARANTEE

30 Day No Risk Return Guarantee

I have designed this training to provide everything you need to create and launch a successful ecommerce business on Amazon, other web stores and your own ecommerce website.  However if you feel that this course is not for you, simply let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund your purchase amount with no questions asked.


  • 1

    What exactly is Private Label?

    Private labeling is a common practice. Most large companies now do this. It simply means you find a manufacturer who makes a product you want and they put in your packaging with your logo. You then sell your product under your brand. I've been in the private label business for years. I have manufactured and private labeled products or others and have private label products made for me.

  • 2

    I'm only interested in Amazon. Do I need the other modules?

    The course is designed to show you how to build a large Amazon business if that's all you want to do. However, if and when you're interested into expanding into other areas the information is already there.

  • 3

    How is this different than your headstart course?

    The headstart course was a wonderful course that showed you everything you needed to create and launch your first product on Amazon. As time goes on, I have come to believe that to be successful on ecommerce we should think of ourselves as ecommerce sellers, not just creating amazon products. We should diversify and broaden our items and brands, not just on Amazon but on other ecommerce outlets. Eschool show you everything you need to know to launch and maintain a large ecommerce business

  • 4

    Is Amazon and Ecommerce already saturated with too many seller?

    The Amazon and Ecommerce marketplaces sell millions of products. Only a small, small percentage of the markets have been tapped. I think there will be room to grow and add private labeled products for years to come. Less than one percent of merchants know what you’re going to learn in this course. You won’t have any trouble finding potential markets and products to sell.

  • 5

    Is the course just theory or will it show me actually how to do what I need to do?

    I’ve bought courses that are just theory. I know what you mean. It’s maddening. This is a pet peeve for me. So I went out of my way to not only show you what to do but how to do it. You watch over my shoulder as I set up amazon and other website accounts, search for products and do marketing and much more.

  • 6

    I already have products on Amazon, will this course be to basic for me?

    Realize Amazon is only one part of this course. With all of he other content covered, its like eight courses in one. If you’re a more experienced amazon seller you will appreciate the advanced tips included throughout the training. Just one good tip could pay for the course.

  • 7

    Is the course material available to learn at my own pace or is it delivered over time?

    You have full access to all materials from day one. The content is all online and digital. The modules are video.

  • 8

    So how do I get started?

    Simply click the join now button below and your course will be delivered to you in a few minutes. Good luck in your new business!

I have taught thousands of people how to be successful in Ecommerce
Are you the next person to follow their path of success?

This COURSE is RIGHT for you if want to be like the...

countless people I've taught who have added extra money to make their lives a little easier.  The many who have replaced their income from their job.  Or the one's who have left their jobs and created 6 figure incomes or the 5 that I know of who have created million dollar plus businesses.

You want to start on Amazon now and expand later
You want to open your own ecommerce web store now or in the future
You’ve already started on Amazon and you’re ready to sell on other platforms
You’ve optimized your products and you want to learn how to drive outside traffic
You want control over your business and to build a brand and asset you keep or sell later

This Course is NOT RIGHT for you....

If you aren’t prepared to work hard
If you expect to “Get Rich Quick”
You’re not persistent
You give up easily
You expect others to do your work
You have no budget

But this is true of anything.....

Is Success guaranteed? Of course not. Success depends on you.

Is Being Successful in any type of Ecommece hard? Absolutely....
I’ll bet what you’re doing now is hard. Anything worth having is.

But the better question is...is this doable? Absolutely and Very Much So
Is this doable for you? Can you be successful? Absolutely....

The Next Step is to Simply Get the Course and Get Started